What harm issues do you expect or have you experienced?

Staff are trained in verbal and physical deescalation. They have access to fast-acting sedatives. The center also has a room that is suitable for seclusion and restraints, but it is rarely used. Because a risk assessment is done upon arrival, the clinician quickly determines next steps, and turns away or transfers patients that may be a risk to others. The center cannot take patients who may traumatize other patients, or harm staff.

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1. Why the Parkland-Spanaway area?
2. Will students, staff, and families be safe?
3. Will a new crisis care facility impact homelessness?
4. Will the CRC make the Parkland area a “dumping ground” for high risk individuals?
5. What happens to a patient not stabilized after 48 hours?
6. What will be the staffing to patient ratio?
7. What are the conditions of guests?
8. What harm issues do you expect or have you experienced?
9. Will first responders transporting patients be using lights and sirens?
10. Who has keycards and how are they safeguarded?
11. Are visitors permitted and if so what restrictions are required?
12. Where will the CRC be placed on the county property?