How do I verify that a manufactured/mobile home has been moved only once?

When a manufactured/mobile home is purchased from the factory or dealership, three Homeowner Information Identification cards are completed.  The site address of where the home is moving is listed on these cards.  One card goes to the manufacturer, another card is kept by the dealership, and the third card is given to the purchaser.  These cards identify the location of the original move.  

The dealership, manufacturer, and the homeowner’s manual should have a copy of the Homeowner Information Identification card in order to confirm the original move.

The Assessor-Treasurer’s Office does not have this information.  A move permit is not required when a new manufactured/mobile home is originally moved from the factory or dealership. 

Questions regarding the original move of a manufactured/mobile home should be directed to the Washington State Office of Manufactured Housing @ 1-800-964-0852, select option 2 then 1.

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1. How do I verify that a manufactured/mobile home has been moved only once?
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