I received assistance through another rental assistance program in 2021. Can I apply for this program also?

Yes, if you received assistance from another program and are still past due on your rent, you may apply through this program. However, this program must ensure no duplication of services with any other federal fund source, so there may be a limit on how much assistance your household can receive.

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1. When can I apply for rental assistance/utility assistance?
2. I received rental assistance in 2020. Am I eligible for assistance in 2021? Will I have to reapply?
3. What is the application process?
4. When/how will I be notified when I am approved?
5. Who do I contact if I need assistance with the application?
6. How do I know if my income qualifies for assistance?
7. I received assistance through another rental assistance program in 2021. Can I apply for this program also?
8. Does this program serve people in Tacoma?
9. How will I be contacted by the provider?
10. I rent a room from family/friend. Am I eligible to apply?
11. Now that I've applied for rental assistance, is this a guarantee that my application will be accepted?
12. I live in a hotel/motel. Am I eligible to apply?
13. My contact information has changed since I submitted my application, what do I do?
14. I am currently homeless. Am I eligible to apply?
15. My rent is not past due. Can I apply for just utility assistance?
16. What utilities are eligible?
17. I have a housing choice/section 8 vouchers. Am I eligible to apply?
18. I left my apartment; can this program help with the balance I owe my landlord?
19. Can I select a specific provider that I would like to work with?
20. Can this program pay rent directly to the tenant?
21. Can this program pay for my future rent payments?
22. How long will it take to pay my rent?
23. Who do I contact if I’m experiencing technical difficulties?
24. What documents can I use as evidence of income?
25. What documentation do I need from my landlord?
26. I applied for assistance and am now past due for an additional month of rent. May I re-apply if I need more rental assistance?
27. Is rental assistance provided per lease holder or per residential dwelling?
28. Can I go back and make changes to my original application if I have realized I made a mistake?
29. I was unable to attach documents when I submitted my application, what do I do now?
30. I'm not behind in rent yet, but I will be soon. Can I apply?
31. Do I need to pay back rental assistance I receive?
32. Does this program help with move-in costs?
33. How do I submit documentation for multiple properties as a landlord?
34. Will my tenants be able to see my W-9 or banking information after I pre-register?
35. What sources of income are included in the household income?
36. I have documents that I could not upload. What do I do with them?
37. I can’t remember my password. What should I do?
38. It says to “verify my email.” How do I do that?
39. I don’t live in Pierce County. Can I still apply?