What do I need to apply?

To start, read through the job posting for the internship(s) you’re interested in. You will gain insight into the division and the work you’ll be doing during the summer. You’ll also see any minimum qualifications for the position. If you meet those minimum qualifications, we encourage you to apply! Take your time, go through the application thoroughly, and attach an updated Resume and Cover letter. 

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1. Is this internship paid?
2. How long does the program run?
3. What is the schedule/hours like?
4. What can I expect from the program?
5. What kind of work is it?
6. What is the Intern Cohort?
7. How do I apply?
8. Can I apply for more than one internship?
9. What do I need to apply?
10. I’ve applied, what comes next?
11. What is the interview process like?
12. If I’m not selected this year, can I apply again?