I’ve applied, what comes next?

Congrats! You’ve applied to be a Pierce County Summer Intern. Now… you wait a bit. The review process can take a little time. You should hear from us within a couple of weeks of the position closing. Keep an eye on your email inbox (spam and junk mail as well), as much of our communication is via email. Please reach out to [email protected] if you have not heard anything after several weeks. 

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1. Is this internship paid?
2. How long does the program run?
3. What is the schedule/hours like?
4. What can I expect from the program?
5. What kind of work is it?
6. What is the Intern Cohort?
7. How do I apply?
8. Can I apply for more than one internship?
9. What do I need to apply?
10. I’ve applied, what comes next?
11. What is the interview process like?
12. If I’m not selected this year, can I apply again?