What is the interview process like?

If a candidate is moved on in the application process, the first round of interviewing is a phone screening. This is a brief phone interview, in which the hiring manager will ask about basic questions or technical skills. If a candidate moves on, the next step is a 30-minute panel interview. This is generally in-person or via zoom, and the panel consists of 2-3 department representatives or human resources staff. We highly recommend practicing for interviews and getting familiar with the STAR method of interviewing. How To Use the STAR Interview Response Technique | Indeed.com

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1. Is this internship paid?
2. How long does the program run?
3. What is the schedule/hours like?
4. What can I expect from the program?
5. What kind of work is it?
6. What is the Intern Cohort?
7. How do I apply?
8. Can I apply for more than one internship?
9. What do I need to apply?
10. I’ve applied, what comes next?
11. What is the interview process like?
12. If I’m not selected this year, can I apply again?