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Training Registration

  1. Instructions

    You may use this tool to self-register for Homeland Security and other Emergency Management classes offered through Pierce County Emergency Management; however, to cancel from a class, please send us an email.

    A reminder email will be sent out about a week before the class with specifics about dates, locations, times, any pre-reading materials, etc. You will not receive an automatic confirmation after registering. All classes are open first to Pierce County partners and then, as seats are available, to our out-of-county partners. Anyone may register at any time and out-of-county partners will be waitlisted until the class opens about two weeks prior to the session. Should you have questions, send us an email.

  2. Step One - Identify Yourself

    Please identify if you are an employee of Pierce County, one of our Pierce County Partners or with an Out-of-County partner. Out-of-County partners will be waitlisted until two weeks before the class begins when available seats will be released.

  3. I am a: *

  4. Step Two - Identify Your Desired Class

    Identify which class you would like to attend (you may select only one class per registration). Please be sure to check the class flyer for information about pre-requisites before registering.

  5. (as it appears on flier or calendar)

  6. (in Month/Day/Yr format: 05/16/12 or 05/16-17/12)

  7. Step Three - Provide Contact Information

    (Please type the information in as you wish it to appear on course records and select one agency or organization to represent.)

  8. Your Registration is Nearly Complete

    If you have questions or need to cancel your registration, send us an email. Thank you for using this Self-Registration process. Please remember you will not receive an automatic confirmation of your registration.

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