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WA EMD Required Training Request Form


  1. 1. Basic Information
  2. 2. Self Determination of Training Course Activities
  • Basic Information

    1. Sub-grantees may attend training not provided by FEMA provided that the training falls within the FEMA mission scope and the State’s Strategy of preparing responders or citizens to prevent, protect against, respond to, and recover from acts of terrorism or catastrophic events. The State is allowed three deliveries of the same course statewide before the course is required to go through the FEMA course review process.

      These courses must be Pre-Approved by the Homeland Security Section of Emergency Management Division. Sub-grantees must complete this form and submit it for review by the Homeland Security Section of the State Emergency Management Division. Forms with a preponderance of NO checkboxes will be denied. The Comment Fields are optional. All training courses not provided by FEMA and/or approved by EMD/HLS will be denied reimbursement.

      Send these training course requests to Judy L. Harmon at [email protected] who will forward to Peter Tassoni at WA EMD.