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The Road Home Membership Candidate Application

  1. The Road Home
  2. Value Statement for the COC Membership Application
    The Continuum of Care’s guiding principles include a commitment to exercising racial equity, diversity and inclusion – with shared power and vision in all decisions and practices by this body and all funding entities – to create an equitable service delivery system to prevent and eliminate homelessness in Pierce County.

    The Continuum of Care values these practices in the homeless system because people of color are much more likely to experience homelessness in Pierce County than those who are White. Race influences homelessness. This is a result of centuries of structural racism that have historically excluded oppressed people, particularly Black and Native Americans, from equal access to housing, community supports and opportunities for economic mobility.
  3. Membership Candidate Application
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  4. CoC Seats*

    The CoC has seats that are required by HUD, WA State Dept of Commerce, and the local entities. Please select which seat(s) you would be qualified to fill (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY).

  5. Commitment Statement
    Commitment Statement By my signature below, if selected to The Road Home Committee, I understand I am committing to attend the regularly scheduled CoC Committee meetings for the duration of my term. I further commit to uphold the value statement and ethics of this CoC.
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