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Frontier Park Reservation Form

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  3. hrsaren1

  4. Please include event setup (before) and cleanup (after)

  5. Camping is allowed into park between 6-9pm one day prior to the event. Leave by 9am day after event. Parking lot fee must be paid for all events with camping.

  6. Please select the area(s) you are requesting to reserve for your event (all fees subject to change):

  7. Lodge Building

  8. Picnic Shelters & Grounds

    *WA Disabled American Veterans (with lifetime pass) receive 25% on picnic shelter fees

  9. Lodge Damage Deposits (Refundable)

  10. Picnic Shelter Deposit (Refundable)

  11. Lodge Rentals

    Rental fee includes tables and chairs. Pierce County staff will setup and take them down for your event. We do not provide linens, plates, silverware or serving utensils.

  12. Park Buildings

    *68 stalls available, small animals only (no horses), renter responsible for cleaning after usage

  13. Horse Arena

    *88 stalls available, renter responsible for cleaning after usage

  14. Park Building Damage Deposit (Refundable)

  15. Horse Arena Damage Deposit (Refundable)

  16. Camping Fees

    *Parking lot fee required for all events with camping

  17. Special Use Fees*

    *For additional maintenance/labor

  18. Is food being served at the event?

  19. Is sound amplification planned?*

  20. Fundraising activities and/or sale of food, merchandise or services planned?*

  21. Will you be charging an admission fee to enter your event?*

  22. If admission fee is charged, Pierce County Parks will receive 25% of total gate receipts. This must be received within 2 weeks following the event.

  23. Will your event have vendors?*

  24. Vendor fee: $20 per vendor, per day

  25. Will you utilize camping areas?

  26. Camping Fee: $15 per day, per camper (no power)/$20 per day, per camper (with power)

  27. Will your event have alcohol?*

  28. Alcohol is only allowed in the lodge building at Frontier Park. We require a licensed bartender, a Washington State Banquet permit and liability insurance in the amount of $1 million naming Pierce County as additionally insured.

  29. Do you need any special accommodations (ADA)?*

  30. Your application is not finalized until reviewed by Pierce County Parks & Recreation and a permit is issued.

  31. For rental questions please contact Pierce County Parks & Recreation at 253-798-4049.

  32. Conditions for Alcohol on premises:*

  33. Agreement*

  34. Leave This Blank:

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