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Special Use Permit

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  2. Thank you for expressing an interest in holding an event at one of our facilities. Your initial inquiry was unique enough to require a written request. This Special Use Permit will allow us to review your needs, what requirements we may have, and to determine what costs or fees may apply to your request.

  3. The following are minimal kinds of information we need to process your request. If there is other information, please include it. Please continue your responses on additional pages as necessary.

  4. Please include setup

  5. Please include cleanup

  6. Is sound amplification planned? *

  7. Sale of food, merchandise, or services planned?*

  8. Fundraising activities planned?*

  9. Providing food for event?*

  10. Posting signs, billboards, advertising, etc. planned?*

  11. Digging, altering, staking, etc. of any existing facility planned?

  12. Will you use the facilities for commercial purposes of any kind?

  13. Will any animals be brought to the site?

  14. Alcohol is not allowed in Pierce County facilities, except in certain building locations and only with written permission from the Director of Parks. Is possession or consumption of alcohol being considered as part of your event?

  15. If required, will you provide security for your event?

  16. Do you need any special accommodations (ADA)?

  17. Note:*

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