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Environmental Education Request & Application Form

  1. Instructions

    Please fill out and submit the form. Once we receive it, we will schedule a conversation with you and any other teachers/members of your team. Together we will build a custom set of lessons that best fit your curriculum and our collective resources.

    Our lessons plus the project you choose make up the complete program.

  2. Type of Audience

  3. Other Teachers/Team Members Involved in This Program

  4. Program Theme*

    Choose a theme based on your needs and the kind of project you would like to do.

  5. Composting/Worms/Garden

    Ecosystems, life cycles, identifying organisms, composting technology

  6. Resource Conservation/ Recycling

    Resources and recyclables, Pierce County's solid waste system, landfill technology and design, waste analysis, ecological footprints

  7. Water

    Consumption and conservation, healthy habitat, impacts of pollution, water systems, energy sources

  8. When would our lessons fit into your curriculum or schedule?

  9. Background Information

    To help us better understand where you and your school or organization are on the sustainability track, please rate the following questions.

  10. What level of environmental and sustainability programs are already in place?

  11. What kind of administrative support do you have at your school or organization?

  12. How feasible would it be to get your students or group out into the community for a project?

  13. What, if any, other environmental education have you, your students or your group worked with, experienced or learned from?

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