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Peer Award Nominations

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  2. Instructions

    We want to help recognize people for their outstanding work in the Sewer Division. Please select a peer from the Sewer Division (includes ESB and WWTP) who you think best suits each of the categories below. Please write their first and last names. The person who receives the most nominations in each category will be recognized at the all staff meeting on August 27. Employees have until Friday, August 22 to submit their nominations. Each employee can only vote once.

  3. Good team players boost morale and listen to their teammates. Name someone who you think does this on a daily basis.

  4. People who are innovative think outside of the box to solve problems or come up with new ideas. Name someone who adds this quality to the Sewer Division.

  5. Many people excel at every aspect of their job. Name someone who you think is an outstanding performer at what they do.

  6. Leaders are not just people who take charge every day. Some leaders lead by being a person of character and working hard. Name someone that leads by example.

  7. A person with a positive attitude lights up a room and can brighten a stressful day. Nominate someone who always acts upbeat.

  8. Some people give extra effort each day at work. Name someone who you think goes above and beyond every day.

  9. Humor can come in all forms. Nominate someone who you think is the funniest person in the division.

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