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Stormwater Classroom - Annual Training

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  3. NPDES Permits, Spill Response & Reporting, Illicit Discharge Detection & Elimination

    This training consists of a pre-training test (3 minutes), the presentation(20 minutes), a post-training test and evaluation (5 minutes). It is self-paced.

    Stormwater is rainfall that is not absorbed into the ground. When it flows over roads, sidewalks, driveways, and yards, it picks up chemicals, oils, grease, car wash soap and bacteria from animal waste. This contaminated stormwater goes down storm drains and into ditches across Pierce County and empties directly into streams, rivers and lakes, ending up in Puget Sound. Any pollution introduced to stormwater is termed an “illicit discharge”. All in Pierce County are responsible for keeping this water pollution-free. The County works continuously to educate its residents and businesses about this vulnerable water and protect it from unaware or intentional pollution activities. Approximately 75% of all pollution in Puget Sound comes from stormwater runoff that starts in our neighborhoods.

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  5. Pre-Test

    Please answer the following multiple choice questions.

  6. 1. Which of the following stormwater permits does Pierce County hold?

  7. 2. Only Surface Water Management (SWM) staff are required to report spills and illicit discharges?

  8. 3. Which of the following are illicit discharges?

  9. Material Review

    Please answer the following mulitple choice questions.

  10. Situational Review 1

    Which of the following are illicit discharges?

  11. Situational Review 2

    What should you do if you encounter, cause or witness a spill?

  12. Situational Review 3

    What should you do if you witness someone dumping material into a storm drain?

  13. Training Evaluation

  14. Did you watch the video

      1. Have you seen an IDDE situation in the past?

          1. Would you be able to report an IDDE situation?

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