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Waterborne Transportation Study

  1. Pierce County Waterborne Transportation Study Comment Form

    Public Meeting May 14, 2015

  2. A. Service

  3. A1. How should the County respond to potential growth and increased demand for ferry service?

  4. Manage demand

  5. Add vehicle capacity

  6. Accept greater delay

  7. A2. Short-Term Service Options

  8. Maintain current service level

  9. Extend hours

  10. Extend hours + Add frequency

  11. A3. Long-Term Service Options

  12. Year-round weekday expansion with peak service

  13. Weekday expansion with peak and shoulder service

  14. Peak all year

  15. A4. Reservations and Communications

  16. Reservations

  17. Enhanced Communications

  18. B. Fare Policy

  19. B1. Vehicle to Passenger Fare Ratio

  20. No Change: vehicle and passenger fares increase at same rate

  21. Do not increase passenger fares. Meet revenue goals with vehicle fare increases

  22. Increase passenger fares at a lower rate than vehicle fares

  23. No charge for passengers

  24. B2. Passenger Fare Type Ratios

  25. No change

  26. Increase youth discount

  27. Increase senior and disabled discount

  28. B3. Vehicle Size: Oversize and Small Car Fares

  29. No change to oversize pricing

  30. Set price per foot for oversize vehicles

  31. Set increasing price per foot for oversize vehicles

  32. Use smaller length categories

  33. Create a small car fare

  34. B4. Frequent Rider Discount

  35. No change

  36. Modify pass rules

  37. Vary the passenger and vehicle value pass discount

  38. B5. Congestion Peak Pricing

  39. No change. Leave peak surcharge at 25%

  40. Increase the peak surcharge

  41. Create a three-tier surcharge schedule

  42. B6. Monthly Pass Product

  43. No change

  44. Passenger-only monthly pass

  45. Vehicle monthly pass

  46. C. Revenue Options

  47. Establish a policy-level fare recovery rate

  48. Establish a policy-level fare recovery formula

  49. Broaden funding base through a Ferry District

  50. Overall Comments

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