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1. View all sewer billing FAQs
2. How do I read my sewer bill?
3. How do I start or stop my service?
4. What are the current sewer rates and charges?
5. When is my bill due?
6. How do I pay my sewer bill?
7. Do you offer automatic payments?
8. Do you accept debit or credit card payments?
9. Do you accept payment over the phone?
10. What is the 'Late Fee' on my bill?
11. What if my check is returned by the bank?
12. Why was my account liened?
13. How do I get the lien released?
14. How is payment credited to my account?
15. Who is responsible for paying the sewer bill?
16. How do I add a tenant?
17. What happens if I don't pay my monthly sewer bill?
18. What if my billing address changes?
19. What is the convenience fee for online payments?