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1. If I already applied for rental assistance and my application is being processed, will I still be helped after the portal closes?
2. What will happen if I can’t get my final documents until after the portal is closed?
3. Will I still be able to log in and see the status of my application when the portal closes?
4. What if I already received assistance but I am waiting for more help form the provider who served me originally?
5. What can I do after this program ends if I still need assistance paying my rent?
6. How do I know if my application is still incomplete?
7. How will I be notified when I have been referred to a provider?
8. Is Pierce County Rental Assistance out of funds?
9. I haven’t heard anything about the status of my application, who should I contact?
10. Can I still apply in person with the providers once the portal closes?
11. I just received a 14-day notice, is it too late to apply?
12. Has there been any change in the amount of Rental Assistance funds I am eligible for?