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1. How does Pierce County involve people with lived experience into the evaluation process?
2. Can the Unified Regional Approach (URA) be reasonably stood up and operating by July 1?
3. How is the 501 Commons grant being utilized?
4. If funds are reallocated because they cannot be spent on their intended purpose, how will these be reallocated?
5. We have a transportation pilot that gave free bus passes to people experiencing homelessness. Were those given to clients not on a Pierce Transit bus route?
6. Does the Homeless Housing Program (HHP) cap allocation based on the area?
7. Strategy 4.6 of the CPEH expects that 340-1650 households served annually through case management." What is the variation of that range? What happens to remaining households?
8. How will you serve 3,000 people on the proposed budget through the Shelter Hub? Funding seems unsustainable.
9. Is there a way to get mobile Coordinated Entry (CE) support for people who cannot physically get to a location?
10. The City of Tacoma has several emergency/temporary shelter sites going offline because funding is used up. Can they apply for emergency shelter funds?
11. Is Eviction Prevention still only funding households who are in arrears?
12. When the contracts for the Right of Way funding are taken on by Pierce County, will you continue working with the same providers going forward?
13. If we know that many people experiencing homelessness do not want to stay in congregate shelters, why are we adding more congregate shelter beds?
14. I recently saw HMIS numbers that show the daily occupancy of shelter beds well above 83%. Can you confirm this?
15. How do you ensure funding gets into the hands of those who need it?
16. We're seeing numbers increase at St. Vincent de Paul. Is Pierce County looking at the newest data as you work on numbers?
17. What is the process for quality control in HMIS?
18. How can the broader community get engaged and help? Is there a way to donate?