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1. Can I arrange to meet with the claims investigator assigned to my claim?
2. How do I file a claim against Pierce County?
3. Do I have to submit a Claim for Damages form to make a claim?
4. How long will the investigation take?
5. I filled out a report when I was involved in an incident / accident. Do I still need to file a claim form?
6. I need a rental vehicle because my vehicle is badly damaged or unsafe to drive. How can I get a rental vehicle?
7. I was injured on County property or by a County vehicle, who is going to pay my medical expenses?
8. If I have damage to my vehicle or property, do I need to submit more than one repair estimate?
9. Should I contact my own insurance company regarding this incident?
10. Should I obtain estimates for the damage to my property or automobile?
11. When will a claims investigator contact me?