Traffic Impact Fees

What Are Traffic Impact Fees?
When a person or business develops property in unincorporated Pierce County, they pay traffic impact fees (TIF). The fees are charges on new development that creates higher travel demand. They help pay for transportation system improvements needed by the new development.

Fees can only be used to add transportation system capacity required to support new development. They are not used for maintenance or operations work.

Traffic impact fees are used to help:

  • Reduce traffic congestion
  • Reduce delays at intersections
  • Build more roadway connections
  • Encourage economic development

The Pierce County Transportation Advisory Commission (TAC) reviews the Traffic Impact Free program in coordination with Pierce County Planning and Public Works.

2024 Traffic Impact Fee Program changes

The base rate for these fees will increase by 2.6% beginning Feb.1 2024. The administrative fee is calculated separately.  View the 2024 fee schedule.

2023 Traffic Impact Fee Program changes

Learn about rates, methods used to calculate rates, and policies adopted by Pierce County Council Ordinance 2018-71s. View the 2023 fee schedule.

Transportation Service Areas
Pierce County is split and mapped into four Transportation Service Areas under the updated program. These mapped areas are based on future land use, growth, and transportation needs. Traffic impact fees by type of development vary within the mapped areas.

The total cost of roadway and intersection projects to support future transportation needs is $700 million. Traffic Impact Fees are expected to bring in $253 million for these projects.

The projects include:

  • Intersections
    • traffic signals
    • turn lanes
    • roundabouts
  • Road projects that address:
    • Concurrency (keeping roadways within allowed congestion levels)
    • Corridors and connectors (linking roadways to improve traffic flow)
    • Plateau corridors (Tehaleh and nearby communities)
    • Mobility (economic development)
    • Finished projects (waiting for further Traffic Impact Fees)
Map showing TIF intersection projects, such as traffic signals, turn lanes, and roundabouts
Map of TIF projects, for concurrency, corridors & connectors, freight mobility, & plateau corridors

TIF Deferral Program

On October 26, 2010, the Pierce County Council adopted two ordinances. The laws allow builders to defer Traffic Impact Fees, Park Impact Fees, and sewer connection charges.

Read about the deferral program

TIF Refund Survey

Did you receive your Traffic Impact Fee refund in the mail? Tell us about your refund process.

Take the survey

TIF Guides and Forms

These guides help customers with an overview of the TIF program for various types of projects.

These forms are used to run the TIF program.

More on land use can be found at the Development Center.

TIF Calculator

The TIF Calculator can be used to estimate the amount of traffic impact fees required for various projects. This calculator is for estimates only. Final fee amounts will be calculated by Pierce County. To use the TIF Calculator, please download and open in Excel.

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